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Wud Records is an independent record label based in the heart of Europe.
Wud Records owns a vast wealth of fabulous original music.
Wud Records is associated with Explicit Music.
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Our mission:
“To bring beautiful music to its natural home – ears.”

* Many hours of beautiful, unique, original music is here free.
* Read lyrics and song facts at Explicit Music whilst listening.
* Unfinished works, demos and oddities can be heard at SoundCloud.
* We support unusual, underground, outsider, progressive rock musicianship.
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New Music Coming Soon!
Pok: more new recordings of old Anthology classics
Dark Company: finishing the Alien Heat album
Flicker: more tracks for the HappySad album
The Ug Brothers: Ugstrumental mastering and release
Wud: more live material from 1985
Laughing Sun: Cander mastering and release
Alien Heat: remasterings and previously unheard song versions from the vault
Archives: more great music from the bands of yore

RIP the great Sidmouth Interntaional Folk Festival, which would have been running this week. Used to be amazing. Now musicians are only allowed to play within a small designated rectangular area marked by yellow lines painted on the promenade. Although you can still buy a bracelet or a candle from the many stalls there. The decline of the uk perfectly encaspsulated in one metaphor.
No to war! We stand with Ukraine and all victims of Putin’s wars.
You have just been wudded. :)

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* We follow back if you make original music.
* We listen to everyone we follow on a first-in-first-out basis.
* It’s taking about 8 – 12 weeks to reach the newest additions.
* If we like what we hear, we give occasional ongoing reposts, tweets and shoutouts.
* If we *love* what we hear, we also add you to a Musical Discoveries compilation.
* Compilations: http://www.wudrecords.co.uk/miscellaneous/musical-discoveries
* Every week on Twitter we feature a previous compilation and one of its tracks.
* For weekly featured tracks from compilations, click here.

Wud Records Signing Policy
1. At present we are not looking to add any new acts to our portfolio.
2. We only consider working with acts we have known and loved for several years. Consistency is key.
3. If you have something that you want us to hear, read #1 and #2 again, then, if you really feel you must, send an email to info@wudrecords.co.uk.
4. Try not to be too disappointed if we are unable to do anything for you.
5. To really get our attention, support us by downloading some music from our store. Just click here!

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